Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Why are you so busy?

A friend asked me a couple days ago why I don't blog much. Well, since I'm just eating bons-bons all day, you know, I should have lots of time. ;-P

Well, this school-year has been especially busy now that Jacob has started high school. He's attending St. Thomas More Academy.
It's very rigorous but he's doing well. It's a real sacrifice to get him there and back everyday but we have one other family we're carpooling with so that helps. Several days a week Jacob has soccer practice or games, too. This picture of him on his first day of school was after he had shed the tie... it was in the 90's so he was burning up!

And now the other kids are having to adjust to the new busy-ness, as well. So far, so good. Grace is in the 7th, Mary in the 3rd, Lucas is a k-er and Emma's just a cute toddler roaming around in the background, playing and causing mischief. And of course, they all have their extracurriculars to boot. The new one for this year is that Grace has begun playing the flute in the homeschool band class Jacob was in previously at Neighborhood Academy of Music.

Oh, and I'm looking (and feeling!) like a "weeble-wobble" these days. ;-) Baby girl's doing great... kicking up a storm!


Surprised by Joy said...

Well I for one am delighted to see you blog entry!


Martha said...

lol yep just sitting here eating bonbons at the computer. Me too. People forget how exhausting just sittng there being pregnant can be too. It's wonderful to read an entry from you, but I completely understand the need to conserve your energy!