Friday, August 17, 2007

Loveliness of VA vacation- part 1

Where to begin?! We started our 2007 mini-vacation by heading out on Thursday morning to VA. Our plan was to go to Mt. Vernon that day but by the time we got going, we realized that we'd have to switch that to Friday to have enough time there.

So here's some quick pictures of our road-warriors, ready to roll!

Our first sight-seeing stop was Arlington National Cemetery. We knew we wouldn't have time to see it all, but our main objective was to visit my husband's father's grave. He died when dh was only a few months old from cancer so this was a very special visit for us. We tried our best to explain to the kids who this was and that Vince's step-dad was in his life from a very young age so that's why he's "Dad" to dh.

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Anonymous said...

I love you Aunt Joanna! I wanna go to VA with you!

Lauren :)