Thursday, August 18, 2005

Well, I decided it's time to do our own blog. Seeing as how we'll start construction on our house soon, I might have some pretty interesting posts and pictures in the near future. We're doing a modular home over a full basement. I'll upload the picture of the proposed house soon.

Today Jacob was at a friend's house so the the girls and I took turns helping the little ones... Lucas and Emma. I had a phone call appointment with our Mother of Divine Grace consultant amid the busy-ness and then it was back to "school" day for Mary's dance class.

The other interesting thing was that we saw a news story this morning on a military reservist who has been distributing shoes to Iraqi children so I jumped on that as a new service project. Shoes, shoes, send me your shoes! Hopefully we can send several boxes of shoes for our Iraqi neighbors.


Wendy Shepherd said...

Wishing you a great experience with building your home. We built our home 2 years ago. It was an experience we won't forget. We love our new home and I am sure you will too!

Take care,

Wendy Shepherd

Joanie h. said...

Dear Joanna,
I love your Blog... and thank you for all of your encouragement on the Carolina Homeschool list.
Your home looks lovely. I am
praying that all will go smoothly
as you build.
Modular is the way to go,
I am thrilled for you and your family in this endeavor!
Love in Our Lady,
Joanie h.