Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Now this is what my girl looks like awake. You just can't see how blue her eyes are in this picture. I just bought this swing because my back just isn't what it use to be but she doesn't like it much yet. Now if I can just keep Emma out of it! :-)

Of course, we're kissing and hugging her all the time- it's amazing how much you can love each and every little inch of these precious little babes. She's been cooing and making more noises lately-- and not just from the backside! A smile will cross her face now and then and those just light up the room! 


Anonymous said...

Oh JoAnna she's positively adorable! What a sweetie!

+JMJ+ said...

What a beauty!

You have a lovely blog. I'd love to hear how you put all those side lists in on recent posts and such.

God bless your beautiful family.

JoAnna said...

Thank you! We think she's a cutie, too. :-)

Jenn Miller said...

Joanna, I just want to reach into the scream and give her a kiss and a hug! So cute!!!