Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Eight years ago I was lying in a hospital bed, hooked up to a fetal monitor, nervously waiting to see how our baby was doing, still thinking that things would be perfectly fine.
Eight years ago, I had a knot in my stomach, hoping beyond hope that *surely* things would be normal and I would soon be holding our precious baby in my arms.
Eight years ago, I had no idea that the next morning I would be rushed into surgery, praying that our baby would survive and all this was a very bad dream.
Eight years ago, I couldn't imagine I would have to say goodbye to my little child and let my husband travel home to bury her.
Eight years ago, I was still blissfully ignorant of how wretchingly horrible losing your child could be.
Eight years, eight months, eight minutes, eight seconds...
It all seems so vivid on days like today.

Hannah's mommy,
to Hannah's memorial


JennGM said...

Joanna, Prayers for you as the have the memories and hurt come back. You wrote it so have me in tears. God bless.

Erica said...

I'm so sorry, Joanna. I will offer a prayer for you right now.

Alice said...

JoAnna, I am praying for you and thinking about your beautiful Hannah today. I am so sorry to learn of this terrible, terrible loss.

Carolyn said...

Very well put and we will forever more share that date to remember!
Love and prayers!

Katherine Kryger (krygerzoo) said...

i just found this from 4RealLearning....
Anyway, I feel your pain, unfortunately! Wish I wasn't part of the yep-I've-lost-a-kiddo-too club. :(
It has been 15 months since I've buried my ten year old son, Kaden Michael. The heartache of giving a child back to God is one that unites me to Our Blessed Virgin Mother in a way I never imagined.
God Bless You, Katherine
wife to David '89
momma to Ramsey '05, Claire '01, Collin '99, Cassidy Grace '97, and missing my Kaden (1994-2005) in Our Blessed Mother's care