Friday, February 17, 2006

While we were watching the cement being poured last week, I suggested that maybe the kids could collect some of the materials in the area around us to make an old-fashioned broom. We've been playing Little House lately, as well as listening to Johnny Tremain audio tapes so this handicraft seemed a good thing to do while hanging out. (Excellent book on tape, btw.) Grace gathered materials a while and so did Jacob but he tired of it quickly. Here's what we had to work with when we were done. (There won't be pictures of me up here often so see it while you can.) I did a little research online tonight and this guy makes some really nice brooms. It's funny that I should find that site because I was suggesting that we could go into the broom-making business to take to craft shows and the like (jokingly). Along with the egg business that Jacob hopes to start, of course. ;-)

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