Monday, January 09, 2006

I'll share a little of my weekend with you. We had our church's annual children's Christmas program on Sunday afternoon, Epiphany. Vince is on nightshift so the whole day I was on my own with the kids: Mass, then Sun. school, lunch, Christmas program at 3 and then the junior youth group meeting at 5. Believe it or not, sometime between our lunch and 1:45 pm, I lost my keys. I looked for nearly an hour with the kids' helping (and grumbling). *Finally* I had to call my mom to rescue us and get us to the play on time. While she zoomed the 8 miles our way to get us, I called Fr. Ned to tell him to relay our delay to my cousin (the choir director) and to offer up a quick prayer to St. Anthony to help me find my keys. Thankfully, we were only 5 mins. late and there weren't a great deal of folks there, anyway. If my 4 hadn't been there, there would have been amost a quarter of the roles missing!

Well, it went well and was just a joy to see. A fellow in our parish is making DVDs of the performance (proceeds going to a church project) so we'll get to relive Lucas' 3-year old antics, Jacob and Grace's solos and all the giggles for years to come. Jacob was slightly nervous about singing the whole "Little Drummer Boy" song by himself but he was awesome! Afterwards we had snacks and lots of compliments and then went to my parents' house for an enjoyable quiet meal before heading home.

So then today the weather was just wonderful and I decided to enjoy it while we could. 65 degrees! We walked to McD's and then made a trip to the playground. Here's a picture of Grace holding Emma this afternoon in the yard.... Grace looks a little drunk with her eyes starting to blink!In the spirit of the Haiku-writing homeschoolers everywhere, I made up a little haiku while watching the kids play on the playground. Here goes:

Beautiful weather
Kids playing in the sandbox
God, I am grateful.

Oh, and I did finally find the keys... right beside the baby's carseat in the van...

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