Thursday, September 29, 2005

In case you thought we were MIA, we've just been swamped. Vince has been working way too many house of nightshift and we've been trying to sort out the details of our future home.

Now the tide has turned and we'll be doing a conventional, stick-built home instead of the modular we had previously planned. Banks aren't as keen on modulars around these parts, evidentally.

So now we are charting a new course. Looks like it'll be the beginning of next summer before we're moving in a new home... God willing!

I've looked at house plans until my eyes were crossed and we finally picked one. The photo above is THE plan we finally shelled out the bucks for... it'll be pretty much as pictured, on a full, unfinished basement plus a garage. St. Joseph, pray for us!


Valerie said...

Ooh, I love the wrap-around porch and the dormer windows! We'd love to fnid a place like that. We're thinking about moving, definitely NOT doing the house-building thing again. It was hard enough with two kids and being pregnant, I couldn't imagine doing it again now that we have six! :-)

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Favorite Apron said...

Hi Joanne - it'a a lovely house. The porch looks like a great place for tricycles on a rainy day.
You are in for an adventure. We built our house 11 years ago and we are still building. My advice is to try and have someone else do the finishing if you can afford it. We moved into a totally unfinshed house, with 2 lawn chairs, a kerosene heater and 2 kids ages 4 and 2.
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Take care!

Maria said...


Your home is beautiful!!!!

I know that it will be worth the wait!